Exhibitions – 2022

Confetti United Inc.

Yason Banal is an artist working with various forms and ideas traversing seemingly divergent systems. His work has been widely exhibited locally and internationally in galleries, museums, fairs, biennales and alternative spaces, most recently at ALT Philippines 2021 and 2020; Metropolitan Museum in 2020 and 2019; Asia Film Archive Singapore, SOAS London and 47 Canal New York in 2019 and Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018. He is full-time faculty at the U.P. Film Institute and former coordinator at the U.P. Film Center.

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KoloWn showcases on canvas paintings, collages and on paper works. The collection is in contrast with their previous projects in the last 3 years that were mostly online, or physical shows with an online component. However, even though these works are rendered physically, they are a byproduct of KoloWn’s explorations on the web, travels and public installations.

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This exhibit is borne out of gut feels-inspired by old and new sentiments, concerns, and mild obsessions culled from the here and there of the everyday. Exploration of materials in pairing with the thoughts and feelings behind the works was casually but firmly sought out through. The joy of seeing the resulting visual impact was the chunk of motivation throughout the whole process of producing these works.

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