August 13 – September 3, 2022

EKLAT [ek-lat]


No hyper-intellectualised “thesis art here, nor identically sized ‘please-buy-me’ grouping of works. This exhibit is, again, borne out of gut feels-inspired by old and new sentiments, concerns, and mild obsessions culled from the here and there of the everyday. Exploration of materials in pairing with the thoughts and feelings behind the works was casually but firmly sought out through. The joy of seeing the resulting visual impact was the chunk of motivation throughout the whole process of producing these works.


A lack of unifying theme was a preference as the whole series is not really a series but more like a grouping of diverse ideas, feelings, and processes unified only by the fact that it all came out of one person. It’s all just eklat. Arte. Art. ;D Surely, someone will be able to string out a chain of thought from all these works -depending on their experiences and state of mind, but that is beyond my concern already.


My goal is to see all these works into existence, and the bonus to that is to see them all together in one place.


-Kiko Escora

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