Possessed Projxxx Presents:

July 19 – August 6, 2022

Jeona Zoleta

Possessed Projxxx Presents: Happy Hours!! Smelly Flowers!!!!


I feel like exorcising the rainbow magic sparkle energy of the space with no fear, noexpectations, by creating this phantasmagoria of fantasy. a happy dark horror thriller mystery blowout kinda like the internet unearthed noise music remixed with babycrying/laughing, that annoying scratch you can’t ever reach.”


The shift to the year 2000, known by the acronym Y2k, caused some scandalous bugs in the artworld. One of them is called Maria Jeona Zoleta, an artist from Manila who explores in a furious, off-putting way sexuality, dreams and the perversion of adults and children. Through her daubed, out-of-frame paintings, her do it yourself videos, her fluorescent sculptures, her digital montages, her Polaroids and her customized t-shirts, the artist unveils an imaginary world which is as colorful as it is harrowing, mingling pop references (from cartoons to children’s games) with images from the adult world (from pornography to sex toys). The installation which was first presented at the Palais de Tokyo is made up of a good hundred objects and works that haunt the artist’s studio. All these elements have now been superimposed chaotically, offering the public with an immersive experience in which painting becomes the environment. The children are mischievous, the adults Unwholesome and the dolphins swim in the paint so as to mate with monkeys. Sex toys fly while the women are on cloud nine, with fake diamonds in their sexual orifices. Maria Jeona Zoleta’s painting aims at being orgasmic, fantastical, and sometimes nightmarish. A way to be “always almost about trusting touch, touching being touched and swallowing that glitter sparkling feeling.”

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