The Expanding Cluster of Particles and the Birth of New Planets

February 11 – March 11, 2023

Amy Aragon and Jay Ticar have been working on family and immigration by individually or collaboratively articulating meanings of home through architectonic configurations and constructing imagined scenes. The artists utilize the plasticity of painting to relate artistic concerns informed by non-painting media, materials and processes constantly shifting until it settles as an abstract picture. While engaging in sound art through non-sounding perspectives, they came across how the Big Bang doesn’t relate to the expected sonic explosion. This brought their attention to nebular formations.

After the pandemic, the couple reflected on the idea of tabula rasa. However, instead of a blank space, they perceive the debris of the old world as the material by which the new will be created. “The expanding cluster of particles that become new planets” alludes to debris, or dust as specs of ideas and memories being gathered to create new entities and systems. In this exhibition, they make sense of materials and ideas as particles and forms that can be embodied in connection to family and immigration. In a larger scheme, rebuilding our world is at the heart.

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