Jay Ticar

Jay Ticar


Jay Ticar formed his artistic foundation while accomplishing his BFA at the University of the Philippines. He was a student of Roberto Chabet, who curated and recommended his first breaks to exhibit. Ticar is an admirer of avant-garde art which inspired him to pursue progression. This led him to further his studies taking up MFA at Tama Art University on full scholarship in 2003. As a result of artistic exposure, resources and working on dynamic platforms, while living in Tokyo, the scope and manifestations of his projects increased. He began engaging in Identity and socio-cultural meanings. Ticar also worked on processes where the conceptual material shifts from one creative platform to another. This is a time when he painted through non-painting media and conversely,  expressed various media through painting.

Overseas artistic research has been a key factor in his practice primarily because of the subjects of his concentration which he continued to engage and grow. As an Asian Public Intellectual awardee, his research is on the livelihood perspective of the artist’s identity. The ideas and opportunities generated through his year-long residency in Japan and Indonesia are reflected in his creative concepts on immigration and family. In 2017 he was awarded the Asia Centre Fellowship which afforded him to research sound art in Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. In practice, he organized and presented previous exhibitions about sound art in Manila. As he currently engages in the resonance of the pandemic he carries the accumulation of his experiences in his projects. If asked about the common denominator that links his varied paintings It will be that he is a painter of art projects.

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