Locality of Being

June 15 – July 13, 2024

“The intimacy created from painting renders the artworks as postcards for the wandering soul—not quite sure when it is, or where you actually are—what abstraction home truly conveys” – Paolo Gonzales


The artist’s early influences can be traced back to Chuck Close, known for his photorealistic style on large canvases. When viewed closely, his works reveal grids made up of a rigid system of mark-making on a visual plane. The grids produce independent cells that do not overlap or physically interact with other cells. In architecture, the concept of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon takes on a three-dimensional quality in the form of prison cells. This was designed to induce a self-regulating state among cell occupants, even without the intervention of their captors. The isolation, over time, causes a loss of dimensionality in the physical space. In Olafur Eliasson and Bruce Nauman’s works, the viewer experiences a distortion in perception through the panoramic and narrowing of space in their installations, as a form of revisiting a familiar space that is presently in an unnatural state.


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