Impending Bloom

June 15 – July 13, 2024

Excerpt from Impending Bloom, an exhibition by Ged Unson Merino, related to by Siddharta Perez:


“Impending Bloom” is embedded in Merino’s body of works and exhibitions under Algún día todo esto tendrá sentido. Translated as “Someday this will all make sense,” this developing corpus coincides with the pandemic lockdown, relating to global confinement in 2020 and unfurls with reflection and adaptation in the aftermath. Ged Unson Merino currently pinpoints about 8 iterations of this series, some of which were archived actions encountered through online programs like Mandala Creations under KULARTS or SEAJunction’s Special Initiative on Visual Storytelling of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, where photo essays bearing the appearance of Hoja Sagrada and the artist’s sources that realize the works in “Impending Bloom” can be tied to respectively. Some

versions of Algún día have also emerged in several exhibition projects in Merino’s spaces in Bogota and New York Bliss – Maleza Proyectos Bliss Art Projects (2020 and 2021) – as well as a Manila debut in The Drawing Room Contemporary Art in 2021. 


The dossier of presentations is necessary to set the stage here, to implicate a transformative trajectory of an unanticipated event to a paradigm of world-making. There are ties that bind with Merino’s primary material of textile, one that preserves things en route to their forgetting and holds close the web of collectivity. Wielded by the artist, fabric folds time as much as objects, making tactile images that are hyper-finite. Impending bloom 233001 touches the interstice of these moments of breaking out, edging at the site of anticipation.


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