Jose Daroy

Roderico Jose Daroy is drawn to the density of the overlooked which he subjects to a time-consuming process that involves and manifests the passage of time, the weathering forces of the elements and their welcome accidents. Mingling in his workshop are watercolor tablets, passport photos, clutter, pieces of jigsaw puzzle, torn plates of art of the masters, various residue, quaint frames, decorated glass panes, fossils, patina, shards, craqueleur, impedimenta.  The workshop is like a library, and the found things are like pages, kept in stock, primed for a long wait, and allowed to build and accumulate incrementally on surfaces marked through unhurried drawing, scraping of caked burn stains on pots, marking of charcoal and pastel, film of beeswax, squirt of squid ink, the trail of termites, and the web of spiders overlaying an already densely webbed and layered surface.  In these pieces, we turn one phase of these pages over again.

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