Amy Aragon was a student of Roberto Chabet at the University of the Philippines. While accomplishing BFA she developed a creative base informed by ideals that are abstract, conceptual and experimental yet connected to a strong regard for technique. She began her artistic practice by working on collages, objects and installations that were transformed into or presented with paintings. Aragon creatively engaged subjects relating to consumerism and object culture. Later on, she took up a postgraduate program in digital animation at Toronto. This expanded her horizons to technology and media which gave her a certain sensibility of now-ness. As a result of living in Japan, Indonesia and Canada, she became more engaged in her identity, immigration, and multiculturalism. Amy Aragon is married to artist Jay Ticar and has a daughter Hikari. Family as a concept added naturally to her artistic concerns as it expanded her sense of identity and directed her concerns for the future. Recently she worked on sonic expressions and currently reflects on the pandemic.