(Selected iPhone 4, and iPhone 6 photos, Philippines. 2013-2017).


The bulk of the photos exhibited were taken using mostly an iPhone 4, which I didn’t get to upgrade to an iPhone 6, until maybe mid-2015.

The iPhone 4 takes better moving photos- shots taken from within cabs are sharper, whereas the iPhone 6 appears to have more sensors, and takes longer to focus so the images are blurred. I do like the higher resolution of the latter, although it still is wanting when it comes to evening, or low light conditions.

Except for one photo of a heavy night downpour where I had to use a flash, the remaining 59 photos were taken using available light. The grainy ones are from when lighting conditions were not favorable- like overcast days or of night shots; OR from when the final image is cropped tight from the original, hence the consequential drop in resolution.

All the editing is done on the cellphone including the addition of the polaroid frame which I like, because it makes the images look old-fashioned. The original photos I see as raw materials, so for the most part the framing of the original shot doesn’t even matter to me. I have been taking more “studied” shots lately though on the iPhone 6, as I am also working on a new format with less cropping.

The photos are then built up to print files on the laptop (phone files are only 72 dpi); and are printed using pigment inks, on 100% cotton rag, at 310 gm2.

The images were taken mostly in Luzon, and one from the Visayas; and the selection for this exhibition was limited to photos taken in the Philippines only.

As with my own work process, the photographs are merely instinctive responses to daily stimuli, so none of them were planned trips outside of the home, with the intent to look for things to take pictures of.

They serve to show the highlights of certain days, within the 4 years, that I have been back in the country.