Instructions on Viewing the Landscape


Instructions on Viewing the Landscape formulates a method of understanding “the world” and our position in it. It takes the form of an educational tool where we are encouraged to look into a diagram and contemplate on some “instructions” to see further how specific fields and processes of perception of reality is being represented. This task is carried on with the use of a perspective technique in order to locate the vanishing point of a given “landscape.” As I have initially experimented, finding this “vanishing point” proved to reveal the mechanisms of nature; history; framing; time and space; archiving; and access among other things. These fields are the necessary coordinates where we negotiate “living” in practical and philosophical terms.

Ultimately, the essence of the work lies on the tensions between our capacity to activate the pieces and its capacity to activate us. It’s a negotiation process that involves building the capacity to teach ourselves, learning from mistakes, and navigating across shifting perspectives without losing focus and clarity of something being viewed—without losing the sight of the “vanishing point.” Here, our crucial position is defined—a position that has been enabled by the “work” as the result of these negotiations. But as our position is anchored in a vanishing point that goes farther as we came nearer, the only way to reach the “position” is to constantly negotiate the seemingly expanding landscape.



Instructions on Viewing the Landscape

First published as an Artist’s Statement in Biowork, 2015, Ateneo Art Gallery, Quezon City.

Reframed as a painting in Stop Look Listen, 2015, 1335 Mabini, Manila. Private collection.

First installation version, in Wasak! Filipino Art Today, 2015, Arndt Gallery, Berlin. Tiroche De Leon collection.

Second installation version, in Between the Street and the Mountain, 2016, Arario Gallery, Shanghai. Arario Museum collection.

Screened in Debatable Screenings/Lend Me Your Softness, 2016, Art Center College of Design, LA.

Third installation version, in Every Island from Sea to Sea, 2016, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei. Private collection.

Fourth installation version, in Mutable Truths, 2017, La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo, Australia.