Event Horizon is the spacetime perimeter surrounding a black hole, commonly referred to as “the point of no return.” Riel Hilario uses this term to chisel at his new series, titled by this boundary, and propelled by the anticipation of departing and being ‘thrown’.For this exhibition, we encounter images of flight and departure in the hybrids of human and machine, and congeries between the celestial and worldliness. They are his own versions of nymphs and myths of passing over to a site analogous to a vacuum, a confusion about where you are and how to proceed.

His polychromed fruitwood figures in EVENT HORIZON are characterized by elements of mobility, straddling representations of carriages and vessels. Here, Hilario portrays this distinct verge of a journey – particularly inspired by his own as he embarks on a sequence of international residencies. EVENT HORIZON, however, is to organize anew, to prepare – more this activity than that of apprehension and restraint towards displacement.  Hence Hilario constructs elements of home among this series, de-escalating them into portable synecdoches of what he is leaving behind and what he should carry along.