For the second consecutive year, the 2011 SLICK ART FAIR will be pitching a 2,000m2 marquis tent on the esplanade between the prestigious Palais de Tokyo and Paris’ Museum of Modern Art. More than 40 international galleries and thousands of photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos and installations will be unveiled during the fair – through solo shows and collective exhibitions.

Since 2006, SLICK has become synonymous with emerging artistic talent and renown as a space for introducing the up-and-coming art scene to both a French and international public. In recent years, certain wellestablished galleries that present at the FIAC have joined the SLICK ART FAIR to showcase their emerging artists and contribute to the forefront of today’s contemporary art scene.

This October, special projects (installations and monumental works) by select galleries will also punctuate exhibition space, offering pockets of artistic inspiration. In order to highlight the increasingly important role played by the private sector in contemporary art developments, the fair will also welcome prestigious, private-sector collections in an exhibition that will bring together approximately thirty works.

Three of the four young galleries presenting at SLICK have decided to organize collective shows in order to demonstrate their artistic direction to the general public. Opened in May 2011, White Project (Paris) will present a group show that brings together four artists: Clément Cogitore, Rafael Carneiro, Paulo ClimacHausta and Fabiano Gonper. Didier Gourvennec Ogor gallery, which has just opened a space in Marseille, will undertake the same approach, representing artists such as Dieter Detzner, Timothée Talard, Rob de Oude, Régis Perray and Giancarlo Caporicci.

Inception (Paris), managed by Mannan Ibrahim Chaudry – the former curator for “Slick Orient” in 2010 – will open this September with a Sarah Mapple solo show and an Ai Weiwei show in December. Galerie Backslash open in Paris since November 2010 proposes a face-to-face between two artists that are both interested in the street, as a space for the flow of people, as a form of identify, or as a public space for communication and exchange.

Two galleries have decided to present both at SLICK and at the FIAC.

The excellent New Galerie (Paris) will share a botth with Imo Project (Copenhague). Yvon Lambert will also have a presence at Slick as an editor of contemporary art works. His Collection Lambert en Avignon will showcase a series of mayor artistic works. Other gallerists who have already participated in the FIAC, are at SLICK this year Galerie Patricia Dorfmann (Paris) and Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve (Paris) will be a part of the Slick Project this year (see further information below). Virgil de Voldere gallery (New York) presents two American artists, Brody Condon and Markus Hansen, while Galerie Bernard Jordan (Paris) proposes a group show.

Because SLICK is a commercial success for its exhibitors, 33% galleries this year have already exhibited at SLICK.

Coming back again this year are: Alice Gallery (selection of artists from the urban art scene such as Todd James or Sixeart alongside fierce artists such as Antoine Bouillot), Bodson-Emelinckx Gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Galerie 13 Jeannette Mariani (four women artists whose works are characteristic of the artistic direction of the gallery: Anne Brunet, Espira, Carmen Ramirez and Sabrina Montiel-Soto), Galerie Metropolis, Bertrand Grimont, Ilan Engel Gallery, Fonds Canson pour l’Art et le Papier, Leonardo Agosti Gallery (formerly L.A. Gallery), Galerie Paris Beijing, The Flat – Massimo Carasi, The Running Horse, and Virgil de Voldere Gallery.

67% of this year’s galleries are first-time exhibitors at Slick. Among these are some very recent galleries (White Project, Didier Gourvennec Ogor, Inception, Backslash Gallery), while others are already well established and have chosen Slick as a forum for showcasing their work and the artists they support. Kudlek Van Der Grinten gallery will bring together 5 artists from different backgrounds and styles: Jonathan Callan, Alexander Gorlizki, Izima Karou, Robert Currie and Simon Schubert. The Vidal-Saint Phalle gallery presents three Americans alongside French artist Marine Joatton. And Françoise Besson, Olivier Robert, Bernard Bouche, Marie-José Degrelle, Alain Oudin, TMProject and Nicolas Silin.

For the first time this year, non-commercial entities have also decided to present their collections – as Slick has become synonymous with a place for networking and meeting the major actors and collectors of the contemporary art world. Mentioned above, the Collection Lambert en Avignon will take over a space at the fair. SLICK will also welcome the IACCCA, the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art, which includes a number of international private sector collectors. Jacqueline d’Amecourt, IACCA’s guest curato, has selected approximately thirty works from these collections la Société Générale, ING Bel- gium, HSBC France, la DZ Bank,la Fondation Neuflize Vie, Dexia, Première Heure, Norac, le Groupe Lhoist, Attijariwafa Bank, works by Boltanski, Marie Jo Lafontaine, Robert Smithson, Anish Kapoor, Valérie Belin, Joseph Bartscherer, Gordon Matta Clark, Robert Mapplethope, Mohamed Bourouissa.

Finally, the Fonds Canson pour l’Art et le Papier will once again show its appreciation for the SLICK public by presenting at the fair the winner of its Canson Prize. Last year’s winner of this prize, Fabien Mérelle, was a huge success among the fair’s general public and collectors alike: the entirety of his works on display were sold by his gallerist, Jean Roch Dard, a Slick 10 exhibitor. We trust that the visitors will extend and equally warm welcome to the Dutch artist Ronald Cornelissen (galerie Bernard Jordan), this year’s winner.