Art Stage Singapore, The Art World’s New Destination
Bringing the best in the contemporary art market to the Asia-Pacific

22 June, 2010 – The inaugural Art Stage Singapore, a premier international event focusing on the Asia Pacific art scene and art market, is set to take place in January next year at Singapore’s spectacular new venue, Marina Bay Sands. The first major international art event of 2011, Art Stage Singapore will offer collectors and galleries a highly anticipated platform of exchange located right in the heart of Asia.

As testament to Art Stage Singapore’s position as a leading art fair, 100 of the world’s best and most interesting contemporary art and design galleries and dealers will exhibit at the fair. Half of the participating galleries will hail from the Asia Pacific region, with the other half representing international galleries, providing a vantage point for the confluence of ideas between East and West. Carefully selected to ensure the utmost quality, the exhibitors will also comprise an ideal balance between established and young galleries to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to be discovered.

The “Switzerland of Asia”, Singapore is the region’s financial centre, boasting a premium range of private wealth management services for high net worth individuals regionally and internationally. In addition, the explosion of contemporary art as a new form of investment, a lifestyle and a status symbol has had a profound impact on Asia’s rise in prominence on the world stage. Recognising this, the Singapore government has been actively driving cultural tourism and creating various arts-related economic opportunities. Well-positioned in terms of its strategic location, stability, infrastructure and government support, Singapore is set to become the art centre of South East Asia, with new museums, a new arts district, a state-of-the-art Freeport and with Art Stage Singapore, as the flagship contemporary art fair.

Fair Director for Art Stage Singapore, Mr. Lorenzo Rudolf, comments: “Asia is on its way to becoming an important platform of the international art market and Singapore presents the perfect destination to address growing demands for contemporary art in the Asia Pacific region. The growing arts scene here also adds another dimension to what can already be seen as a vibrant and affluent city. Our decision to select Singapore as the ideal destination can be attributed to the level of importance and investment that the Singapore government has placed on art as a decisive business factor towards becoming the arts hub of South East Asia.

Art Stage Singapore will serve as a cultural bridge between the Eastern and Western art world and showcase the latest developments in international contemporary art, while engaging with people from all segments of society to raise greater awareness and appreciation for contemporary art.”
Demonstrating its commitment to ensuring only high-quality work is presented and in order to encourage risk-taking amongst galleries and dealers, Art Stage Singapore will offer tax-free trade to all non-Singaporean galleries as well as highly competitive stand prices – up to 50% the price of comparable art fairs. The art works will also be presented in museum-style – the only contemporary art fair worldwide fitted with 4-meter stands.

A stellar contemporary art week will feature alongside the fair with a stunning line-up of initiatives. A key highlight is the collaborative effort between Art Stage Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum and leading collectors around the region a first-ever exhibition of Asian contemporary masterpieces from private collections. An extensive educational programme featuring talks for art lovers, potential buyers, collectors and art students will further inspire dialogue on the topic of contemporary art. Other activities will include exhibitions and events at various local museums and art spaces as well as contemporary art events at Singapore’s top clubs.

Art Stage Singapore is proud to have on board the following government partners Economic Development Board, Singapore Tourism Board, ational Arts Council and ational eritage Board beside a host of private partners.

Art Stage Singapore will run from 12 to 16 January 2011. For more information, please visit the official website at